Childhood was founded by 14 generous co-founders contributing USD 1 million each to start operations and project funding. Their capital investment provided Childhood a financially stable platform on which to build the organization. The Co-founder commitment offers an effective and consistent way for these entities to make positive contributions to society and to children. As of 2005, the Co-founder category is

Childhood´s 14 co-founders

  • ABB
  • Axel Johnson Group
  • Charles B. Wang Foundation
  • Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
  • Daimler Corporation Fund
  • The Barbro E. Heinz Family
  • The Jan H. Stenbeck Family
  • The Jane and Dan Olsson Family
  • The Sven Philip-Sörensen Family
  • Heimbold Foundation
  • Oriflame – af Jochnick Foundation
  • SAP AG
  • Skandia
  • Telia Company AB.
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