Childhood to set sails for children’s rights

Under the leadership of Pelle Norberg, Bouwe Bekking and Gideon Messink, a group with extensive experience in international sailing projects, a new Swedish sail racing project will start in the VO65 class in the fall of 2019. The sponsors of the project have decided to donate the name to the World Childhood Foundation and to name the boat to Childhood I. With this decision, Childhood is given new opportunities to reach out globally with its work to protect children from violence and sexual abuse.

The VO65 racing yacht Childhood I will compete across the Atlantic, participate in regattas in the Caribbean and in the 2020 edition of the Round Gotland Race in Sweden. In addition to Pelle, Bouwe and Gideon, the team behind the initiative includes some of the world’s leading yachtsmen and project managers, including Roger Nilson, who has participated in many global projects.

– Our visibility in the project creates a great opportunity for us to reach even wider with our work. Through Childhood I we get a platform where we can create commitment and income to our foundations in a whole new context. We are getting new channels to reach even more people and decisionmakers”, comments Paula Guillet de Monthoux, secretary general of the World Childhood Foundation and responsible for the global development of the foundation’s operations.

– We are proud to sail under the Swedish flag with Childhood in the sails. Our objective is to create the opportunity for a start in The Ocean Race 2021 and we see this collaboration between our sponsors and Childhood as an important first step towards that goal, comments Pelle Norberg, former CEO of Team SEB in Volvo Ocean Race and project manager of HiQ Sailing Team.