new projects after board decision

new projects after board decision

New projects after board decision: We are very proud of all the new projects decided by our Board on June 13. We are particularly pleased that, with generous support from our partners, we can make an extra large investment in Ukraine by establishing four new Children’s Houses. The war has further highlighted the need to provide qualified and coordinated support to child victims of abuse. The fact that we make this possible is extremely important in the continued work to ensure the safety of children.

Another current new project in Ukraine is the development of a portal where suspicions of violence and sexual abuse – including war crimes – against children can be reported anonymously online. It is particularly important to make it easier to report and document abuses that occur in occupied territories where Ukrainian police cannot act today. In Thailand and Sweden, we are intensifying our work with particularly vulnerable groups through two projects for children with disabilities. We are also strengthening our work on online abuse, including a new project in Cambodia with a chatbot where children who are victims of online abuse can turn for support.

📸 Barnahus Moldova, opened in 2022. Read more about this and ongoing projects in our annual report.

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