Propose A Project

Propose A Project


Britta Holmberg
Program Director
072-724 43 05

Childhoods mission is to inspire, promote and develop solutions to end sexual abuse and exploitation against children. Our international office is located in Sweden. From Sweden we work with projects in Cambodia, Moldova, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand and Ukraine.

Childhood’s focus currently lies in the following thematic areas:

Child online safety
Child supportive environments and relationships
Child focused response to abuse


1. If you want to propose a project, first make sure that you meet our basic funding requirements.

2. If all your answers are yes you may submit a concept note. We will contact you for further dialogue only if your concept is in line with our priorities and funding priorities for the specific country.

3. A prior visit from Childhood where we can meet your staff and get an understanding for the context you are working in is required before you can submit an application.

4. Only applications submitted by April 15 and October 15 each year and are in line with our funding criteria will be reviewed by Childhood.

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