This is Childhood

Childhood is a children´s rights organization with a big impact on a burning issue — every child’s right to a childhood free from violence and sexual abuse.

In a world where so many children live under terrible circumstances, one can easily get discouraged. But at Childhood, we are hopeful, because we know what a big difference even small actions can make. We also know that it is easier to empower children than it is to mend broken adults.  We focus on prevention since it generates the greatest long-term effect. Childhood´s work focuses on ensuring that children are not sexually abused and exploited, and instead enjoy a safe childhood.

Childhood initiates and supports different types of interventions to address and prevent child abuse and exploitation:

Project support forms the basis of what Childhood does. This means acting as an incubator for local initiatives to prevent and address abuse and exploitation of children. The projects we support are run by local oranizations in 16 different countries. The project organizations remain in place for the long term and have the best knowledge of the challenges and problems in their specific region

The experience gained through direct project support, gives Childhood the opportunity and a moral obligation to share and spread the lessons learned. This can be achieved by targeting people who come into contact with the child at risk and by positively influencing their behavior, for example, through communication and educational initiatives by Childhood as well as together with or through partners.

The expertise gained should also be shared to influence policy at various levels, be it corporate, local, national or international. Such advocacy can be conducted by Childhood directly or by our partners whose voice we support.