Basis Prävent

Five to ten percent of all boys in Germany have experienced sexual violence. It is especially hard for male victims of abuse to ask for help: Many boys who have experienced sexual abuse assume that they are the only ones this has ever happened to, and they often don´t dare to talk to their parents or friends about it.

However, it is extremely important that they seek help. They are not responsible for what happened to them, nor should they feel guilty or ashamed. Sometimes it is very hard to talk; sometimes it can be a relief.

Basis & Woge is a non-profit organization in Hamburg that comprises, for example, educational specialists, psychologists, youth and childcare workers, and doctors. They have set up many facilities in Hamburg for children, young people, adults and families living in very difficult circumstances. Through their “Basis Prävent” project, they provide support for boys who have experienced sexual violence, in addition to working with their family members. They also provide information for teachers in schools and for youth club and sports club leaders.

The project supports the boys via face-to-face conversations, phone and e-mail. In this way, they assist them in processing their experiences of sexual abuse and particularly how difficult it is for them to ask for help. Their support is free and can be provided anonymously. Basis Prävent also work with therapists, educators and teachers, training them in the skills needed in order to recognize if a boy has been abused and how to help him. They also provide information about the strategies used by perpetrators and advise clubs, such as football clubs, on abuse prevention.

Basis Prävent  supports 50 boys and 500 parents or family members through their project in Hamburg, as well as working with 300 boys to discuss abuse prevention.