Das Netz in Weilheim

Children who have been sexually abused are very often traumatized. In order to process the trauma and reduce feelings of anxiety, panic attacks and self-harming behavior, they need professional support. “Das Netz e.V.” (“The Network”) was founded in 1992, bringing together the expertise of educational specialists, theologians, doctors and psychotherapists. In January 2015, they started an outreach center in Weilheim, Bavaria. The children they encounter have experienced sexual violence and sexual abuse, and are often brought to the center by their parents. With support from Childhood, counseling is provioded for 45 children and 60 parents every year.

Das Netz offers counseling to the children and through that support helps them regain control of their lives, after the abuse. They also provide counseling for the parents, teachers and school and pre-school staff.  Focus is also put on networking and discussing with local, media and raising awareness to the issue in their training classes courses. Another aspect of their work includes cooperating with other relevant stakeholders such as specialist staff from the authorithies such as the Child Welfare Office and medical, therapeutic or legal sectors. Efficient cooperation with relevant experts is of great importance as this ensures that the children receive the help they need as quickly as possible.