About Childhood

According to a recent study, one of five children in Sweden will be the victim of sexual abuse at some stage of their childhood*. In many parts of the world, this figure is even higher.

Various types of violence and sexual abuse are closely linked. Children who are victims of or witness violence are at a higher risk of revictimization. But at Childhood, we know this is not unavoidable – it is possible to prevent and mitigate the consequences of sexual abuse of children. And we are convinced that it is easier to make children strong than it is to mend broken adults. That’s why the word prevent is at the heart of everything we do.

Childhood primarily works with groups who are at the greatest risk of exposure to violence and sexual abuse. This includes children who live on the street, children who are already victims of violence and abuse, children who are unable to live with their parents or who live in a family where the parents are unable to give them what children need most – trustworthy adults.

Our work helps to:

  • prevent children from becoming the victim of violence and sexual abuse,
  • provide treatment and support for victimized children,
  • allow more children to continue living with their parents,
  • ensure that children who have already been placed in institutions are instead placed in a family or family setting,
  • prevent children from living on the street and allow them to instead continue living with their immediate or extended families,
  • reintegrate children who have lived on the street into society and their families, and
  • develop new methods, and share information and methods with other organizations in order to reach and help as many children as possible.


*Source: The Children’s Welfare Foundation, Sweden