Childhood Fundraiser by Isaac Boots

Fitness guru Isaac Boots is working with us to aid our mission in ending sexual abuse, exploitation, and violence against children. Be a part of the solution by helping Isaac and the TORCH’D community achieve their fundraising goal of $1 million for the World Childhood Foundation from now until his birthday on October 30th, 2022.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Isaac is a celebrity trainer, choreographer, and Broadway dancer with a long list of credits to his name. While using his experience crafting routines on the main stages, Isaac created TORCH’D, a sustainable and highly effective workout routine. During the height of the pandemic, he raised significant funds for food insecure children via live streaming his TORCH’D workouts and looks forward to achieving the same results for the World Childhood Foundation.

“First the TORCH’D community helped feed vulnerable children, and now, we are going to help protect them”- Isaac Boots, Founder of TORCH’D

You can read more about and follow Isaac on Instagram here

About Childhood

World Childhood Foundation (Childhood) works to protect children from violence and sexual abuse. We provide support to local organizations that are developing new and innovative methods to help vulnerable children and families. We also work actively to strengthen the quality and dissemination of tested models that reach children and families who have not previously received the support they need. With relatively modest investments, combined with closed dialogue and support, Childhood can serve as an incubator and help new ideas and organizations to grow and become sustainable. Childhood was founded by H.M Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1999.

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